Who says great tasting food cannot be healthy ???

At Mohalla, your well-being is our well-being. From Mohalla’s first steps, we aspired to create traditional authentic food but balanced with a nutritional and healthy mindset. Inspired also by some of the Dubai Fitness initiatives, we say YES to high-quality ingredients, produce and lighter cooking technique and say NO to preservatives, food colouring, artificial sweeteners and taste enhancers. It is safe to eat with your eyes; nothing is hidden! Taste the difference.

Story of Mohalla

Let’s start this story with a name game. Why Mohalla? Our first thought was to come up with a name that would roll off the tongue for our guests and capture our vibe and cuisine. Then, we discovered that Mohalla – or variations of the word (Mahalla, Mehalle)  carried the same meaning in many different languages (Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Uzbekistani). Mohalla, which translates to “my neighborhood” or “my community” is an ode to the ‘Community Neighborhoods’ of India and the most fitting name for our Indian street food concept.

Inside Mohalla, we want to transport you – our guests – to both the bustling cities and quaint towns of True India where you can savor the richness, flavors, and colors of the country’s delectable street cuisine. We are also proud to serve our guests with authentic and popular recipes from all the diverse regions of India. Even if you may be familiar with traditional Indian cuisine, you will likely discover new flavors and dishes that showcase the country’s true culinary breadth and heritage. When we are experiencing Mohalla, we feel the comfort of home and our mother and grandmother’s cooking, yet we also celebrate the vibrant feast and assortment of lip-smacking delights as if we are in a bazaar. In other words, traditional and authentic cuisine with elevated, cosmopolitan touches – perfect for a charming little restaurant nestled in the heart of Dubai.

Welcome to Mohalla! Feel free to eat with your hands, take down a refreshing beverage, slurp the soup, and lick the chutney. As long as you are relaxed and enjoying our menu. We are in the Free (and No Judgement) Zone after all …

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